Introduction of EAS System2020.07.24

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1. What is EAS System?
EAS is the abbreviation of "Electronic Commodity Anti-theft System". It is an advanced system that uses high-tech electronic technology to enable the product itself to have self-defense and anti-theft capabilities, from the traditional "human defense" to "physical defense and technical defense" to achieve accurate and effective anti-theft advanced systems .

2.EAS anti-theft principle
The eas anti-theft system is widely used in various retail industries, such as adding sound and magnetic anti-theft tags to supermarket products. After the consumer purchases the product, the cashier will invalidate these anti-theft tags after decoding it, or remove the tag directly. If the tag is still valid, or if the tag is not removed, the alarm on the door will sound when the item passes through the area around the supermarket door.
3. Advantages of Qida eas anti-theft system
1. 1Reliable anti-theft protection helps you reduce losses
Zida provides customers with safe and reliable anti-theft protection. Our professional anti-theft products have excellent detection performance, which can help retailers reduce theft losses, optimize staffing, and reduce operating costs.
1.2 A good shopping experience increases your profit
The professional anti-theft products provided by Zida have a low false alarm rate and resurrection rate after demagnetization, which can create a good shopping experience for stores and avoid consumers' negative impression of the brand due to false alarms.
1. 3Complete solutions to improve your operational efficiency
The full set of retail security solutions provided by Qida covers various retail areas, providing comprehensive anti-theft products and customized services, and providing efficient and reliable solutions for your retail business.