How to prevent theft of supermarket fresh food?2020.07.23

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In order to ensure the freshness of the fresh food in the supermarket, it is generally placed on the shelf, and customers can take it according to their needs. People who often visit supermarkets often find that customers will always pick and pick on the shelves, even peeling, removing leaves and pinching roots, causing various losses. In addition, since such products are not as easy to take anti-theft measures as other products, the products are often taken out of the supermarket without settlement, causing losses to the supermarket.In view of this situation, how to take effective measures to prevent damage and theft?Here are some valuable methods for everyone to try.


First of all, fresh products, such as vegetables, fruits, meat and other non-packaged products, should try to take an appropriate portion for simple packaging. You can use plastic wrap, crisper, crisper bag, etc., and divide the product into one or two people. Pack them separately, weigh and affix the price tag. This can avoid damage to the goods caused by customers tearing and dragging on the shelves; in order to avoid some customers' intentional thefts, we can put our waterproof anti-theft labels in the simple packaging. This kind of label has strong penetrating performance. It is not afraid of water, has no side effects, and can be in direct contact with food. If the payment is directly taken out of the supermarket without settlement, an alarm will be issued to indicate that the payment has not been settled at the entrance of the supermarket. For unpackaged goods, you can put the anti-theft label into the packaging bag when weighing.

At present, the prices are relatively high, and it is a pity to lose each serving, especially for meat products and precious and smaller fruit products, which need to be handled in this way, which greatly reduces the rate of supermarket damage.

Our waterproof anti-theft label that can directly contact food is suitable for all types of acousto-magnetic anti-theft access control systems in supermarkets. It has super compatibility and has obvious advantages compared with general products in the market. Has a very good reputation among customers.