Supermarket anti-theft solution

  A variety of supermarket anti-theft solutions are suitable for various application needs in modern shopping scenarios. Qida provides anti-theft products that can be applied to different commodities and systematic services linked to stores, providing a professional and reliable one-stop solution for supermarket security.



 System composition

    Anti-theft soft label

    The anti-theft soft label has good detection performance. It is used to stick to the surface of the product without covering the product information or damaging the product packaging. The soft label uses a non-contact deactivation method, which is convenient and fast,

     Anti-theft Hard tag

    The anti-theft hard tag has a stable alarm function, can be strongly attached to the product, and has a longer service life. Hard tags are highly durable and can be reactivated for repeated use.

    Anti-theft Accessories

    Anti-theft accessories include various types of anti-theft products such as deactivator, detacher, safer box, lanyard, nail, etc., which are used to adapt to various links in the overall retail security solution. Qida offers a wide selection of anti-theft accessories products. Each product has good compatibility, which helps to simplify the shopping process and improve operational efficiency.

   Anti-theft antenna

   he anti-theft antenna is installed at the entrance and exit, which can identify the goods that have not gone through the normal checkout process and report the alarm in time, which is convenient for the loss prevention personnel to take further measures. Compared with traditional artificial loss prevention, the anti-theft antenna reduces the bad experience of consumers and avoids the negative impact on retail brands.


Retailer value



Reliable anti-theft protection helps you reduce losses

Qida provides customers with safe and reliable anti-theft protection.
Our professional anti-theft products have excellent detection performance,
which can help retailers reduce theft loss,
optimize staffing and reduce operating costs.

 Good shopping experience increases your profit

The professional anti-theft products provided by Qida
have a low false alarm rate and reactivation rate after deactivation,
which can create a good shopping experience for the store and avoid
consumers' negative impressions of the brand due to false alarms.



Complete solutions to improve your operational efficiency

The full range of retail security solutions provided by Qida covers all retail areas,
provides comprehensive anti-theft products and customized services,
and provides efficient and reliable solutions for your retail business.

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